Sunday, December 21, 2008

On-trend with the Rampant

The 'white bug' has grabbed started with white E13 plastics for the chain device, then white Syncros pedals, now a white saddle, and plotting to get a white Syncros FR handlebar and some white Syncros rims

The Rampant is back to "play bike" setup with a 50mm stem and short seatpost, I went dirt jumping this morning and instantly remembered what a rad little bike the Rampant really is

happy Christmas to y'all ;)

Rob C

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Wichmann said...

Hey Rob C.
You shuld use the Halo Freedom in white look at Sicklines AMP above - the Freedom rim is very impressive in weight vs. strench and is beeing used on the Chris Smith ( for a couple of years.
Claus 222Cycles Denmark
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!