Thursday, December 25, 2008

Building a Paradox

Ok its not fully together but most of the parts are on it when the pictures were took. My friend Ryan did finally get it together and took it out for a little parking lot play and spent alot of time on the back wheel doing wheelies... he says its a new experience doing wheelies on a 29r and says it feels like no other 29r he's EVER ridden. It's quick and lively and with the Reba on the front it just feels great.
I am now going crazy jonesing to get mine built up and confirm what he says.
Whats super cool from the pics is this is a large and it doesn't look freaky. Actually looks like a medium so I figure the XL should look pretty cool too. I think you clydesdales are really going to love this bike.
Everything seems to fit and there is pleanty of tire clearance. I really look forward to getting these out there and we're just finalizing the special pricing for the first batch. We also have a couple guys lined up to give us some feedback on the bike who have extensive experience with other 29r rides, so I really want to hear how the Paradox compares to everything else they've ridden. I think its important to benchmark your products against other brands so don't be surprised if you see me and Keith riding around on another brands bike sometimes - its good to know where you are and where you need to be.


booner said...

That's just not fair posting this up on Christmas! I am working hard in the garage fixin up my SS rigid 9er so I can ride in the snow...and I see this thing of beauty. Way to make my busted "old" baby feel bad Jay. Sure wish I knew this was coming out before I shelled out for the crash replacement of my last one. Maybe had it had a headtube like this one I might not have needed a replacement :)

Very Nice work BTW. Can't wait to hear how it compares to others. Get that sick thing together!!

Hansen Dy said...

Nice build Jay! If this thing rips like my black Viento (the one you saw here in Manila), then it's a winner. Are those ZTR Flows really as tough as advertised? Merry Christmas & Happy New Year btw.

werts said...

why do you have to do this to me, i will never be able to afford rent and tuition payments if you keep coming out with such sick bikes.

singletracksurfers said...

The build makes the bike look even better than promised! What is the travel on the front fork in the build? Can't wait to get one on the trails.

Jay MacNeil said...

travel is 120mm.

Werts... you can live in the cardboard box that the bike comes in. 2 for one deal... bike + home. Problem solving... thats what i do - ask Keith and his buddy Andy [er ladyarms i mean]

Got some great feedback from some un-named people who work for other bike brands and one who took it out for a DH burn. Very impressed is the consensus both up and down.