Friday, April 25, 2014

So far I have raced three DH races in China this year. 
The first race was Chengdu Giant DH. Practice was really fun, it started to rain and it seemed like I was the only one who had fun doing practice runs. I enjoy muddy tracks. It was the first time I had raced and ridden in mud with my new banshee mk11. The bike felt amazing and stayed on the ground, allowing me to get more grip than most riders even with regular tires. Unfortunately, by the time we got to race day the track had already dried up and wasn't as fun riding when dry. The race went really well even though I made a few mistakes during my race run. Anyway, I was able to get 1st in the elite category!

The second race was first stage of the BOS dh series, organized by the local Banshee distributor, Jonathan Ley. The race took place in Jinan, Shandong. The track was super high speed and quite pedally which I really don´t like, but I managed to hold on to the 1st place in elite category even though I was riding 90% of the trail chain-less due to a chain failure.

The third race was a downmall race in a big shopping center in Langfang. First time time for me to spend a whole day in a shopping center... The race was organized by Red Bull China. Being inside a shopping center, the track was of course pedaly except for down a few escalators. The track would have been perfect for the Rampant, I was the only rider with a full DH bike. Race day went quite ok even though there were a few hick ups. I only had 2 practise runs since I was unable to go there on practice day. Due to a small communication break down, I thought we were done after the first round where I came 1st. Later I found out that it was the seeding! A couple of hours later the finals started, and I came 2nd.

This was the last race in China before I´m heading to Norway. The season there will start with Norway Cup #1 in Nesbyen on 9th May. Will update you after that. 


Monday, February 24, 2014

Red Lar is a pretty decent actor.. does his own stunts
Mountain Biking Stories from Fakawi Tribe
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Fogel is Back on Banshee!!

Home sweet home!

After a two year frame deal with Nuke Proof, I had the opportunity to switch back to my original sponsor, Banshee. The decision was clear and easy. Banshee is a small rider-owned company who has always shown me profound support. I started riding for them in 2009 with a grassroots sponsorship, and undoubtedly never would have made it to where I am today without them. The guys there put me in touch with most of my current sponsors, and opened new opportunities for me that would have otherwise passed me by. The fact that they are a small rider-owned company goes a long way as well. We have built a friendship out of our original relationship, sharing in rides and trips together. This is something that took me a while to appreciate, after having some sponsorship deals that went the entire duration without even seeing my contact's face. I am not a disposable marketing tool to the guys at Banshee; we are a group of riders and friends who are stoked to help each other out. Lastly, their bikes are the best that I have ridden. Banshee's frames suit my style of riding more than any other bike that I have found, and I can't help but feel simply comfortable on them. I was generously welcomed back with open arms, and am looking forward to continuing from where we left off.

For 2014 I am taking myself back to the reasons that I got into riding. I will be putting most of my attention back into making videos, that hopefully share the fun and stoke of riding with others. I am planning on attending the events that I really enjoy, like Sea Otter, Super Sessions, the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival, Goldman Games, AT's Showdown, and Crankworx. Besides this, I am looking to go on more roadtrips, to ride places that I have been too busy to make it to in the past, with intentions to make fun videos along the way.

"At Banshee we have seen Fogel as a member of our biking family for years, and it’s great to know he feels the same way. I personally have spent many fun days riding with him in Whistler and down on his home trails in California, and always have a blast hitting the trails with him. Jack epitomises what I feel mountain biking should be about…fun! It is immediately obvious how much he loves riding a bike, and his passion for the sport is infectious as you hear him laughing down a trail, and grinning as he lands a crazy new trick. Jack also has an amazing ability to film and edit videos that share hilarious and exhilarating riding experiences with the viewer’s, and convey his love of mountain biking with them. Oh and did I mention that he also has crazy skills on wheels (even on a unicycle!). Needless to say I am delighted to have Fogel back on Banshee!"
- Keith Scott - Banshee Bikes Owner / Designer

I will be riding an Amp to assuage my urges of trickery, a Spitfire to attain optimal loam-ripping capabilities, and a Darkside for maximum stoke harvesting capacity. The Amp and Spitfire have blown me away so far, and I'll be getting a leg over the Darkside in about a month! It feels unreal to be back on bikes that make riding a lot more fun for me, and the Darkside looks to be no exception, encapsulating everything that I love in a big bike.

2014 is looking amazing, and I couldn't be more stoked!

-Jack Fogelquist