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Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Zealand MTB DH Cup 2012 Round 4

So we have just done out first race of 2012 and first race in New Zealand. I finished 17th place in men's open and Aaron had some bad luck and crashed in the final. It's been a very steep learning curve for us, luckily one of our biggest worries with the cold weather turned out to be a non issue. Sure its not as warm as we would like it to be but it's not killing us tropical boys either.

The race weekends here are run a bit differently to what we are used to back home, with only one day of practice and straight into racing the next day. With a track as high speed and full on as Rotorua it was obvious that knowing the track inside out would be a huge advantage. This was evident with many of the local riders taking podium spots in most of the categories. Nothing in Malaysia has really prepared us for the tracks here, but then again that's why we are here to learn. Besides being high speed and rough, they are technical too, not in the same way we are used to back home tho. Things like having to set up for a particular corner 4 corners before you get to it, just so you can get a wide line and carry speed through it.

All and all we had a great time and are looking forward to the next round in Wellington. In the mean time check out the video we put together from the race.

Till next time!

Adam Faroze
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

UK Legend

Joe 'This is Sheffield' Bowman has been out a lot on his Banshee Legend this winter, and Duncan Philpott has been there to capture some of the fun times with his mad skills behind the lense.

Check out Duncan's photos on his website:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Matej Charvat - 2011 recap

We are all probably getting ready for 2012 racing season, but I'm coming back to show you a bit of my 2011 racing.

I've been racing for Banshee Bikes Factory team with my team mate Adam Brayton and we had an awesome time. I spent almost all weekends of the season at the races. I did whole World Cup except South Africa, most of IXS European DH Cup, a few other races plus a lot of training and riding. It was simply fun with some solid results.

First of all, there is a video footage which hasn't been released yet. It shows some Worldcups, Dirt Jumps, MX and World Champs of 2011.

Matej Charvat - 2011 on

For whole story with more photos and a

As a bonus, here we have some pictures:

I was a bit unlucky this season in WC qualis. I was really confident when the season started, as I qualified myself for all races back in 2010. But I put myself under a little stress too. Here is the spot in La Bresse, where I crashed in Qualification. I was simply too fast and landed too far, a little bit nosedived for sure, haha.

Another missed finals - Fort William. I was really enjoying the course this year. I was training with Brayton all the week, having fun. I had really good run in the qualis, but slipped a bit off the line at the bottom, missed the bridge and fell into the stream...a minute from the finishline, haha. At least, I was happy to get 6th at first split.

We also had some fun at Brayton's - Keswick, UK. Lovely place, really. As Adam said: "The best place in the world".

One of the races of IXS EDC also visited my home country, Czech Republic. I think everybody was loving the track, except the pissing rain following us for whole weekend. I finished 3rd in the end.

I was also having fun on Worlds in Champery. The track is one of my favorites and I enjoyed a whole week of training. I also had a solid run in qualis, finishing 21st. BUT!!, the mud on Sunday was a thing. I was really looking forward to that, because I like mud and I've been racing there all World Cups before.. But this was crazy, again. I was feeling good until I crashed for the first time...after that I crashed 3 more times. Really wild run, who has not seen this in real, can't understand how massive this is.

I didn't ride my MX bike through the season too often. I had no time. Here is one of the autumn rides.

If you are interested in more pictures from 2011, you can see the whole album at my profile.

Anybody, who is interested in what I'm doing can follow me on my fb page:
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I would like to thanks to my 2011 sponsors, which helped me a lot to make this happened.
*Banshee Bikes
*Cane Creek
*Crank Brothers
*Bluegrass Eagle

And another special thanks to's Patrik Prochazka, who traveled with me to some races and made the most of the pictures above, the first one is by Ken81.

Monday, February 6, 2012

8pm Sunday Evening - Prime Time!

If you want to get an idea of what the Banshee Prime will be capable of, then check out this video of Strahan riding his pre production test frame on Vancouver Island. Prime time!

8PM Sunday Evening: Prime Time from strahan loken on Vimeo.

Thanks Strahan!

Saturday, February 4, 2012