Friday, September 30, 2011

Team Geronimo at the Mountain States Cup Finals

The team had a great weekend at Sol Vista. Brian rode smart and squeaked by some carnage, taking the win in 4X. Then the next day he was just 0.6 seconds off pace in the DH, good enough for 2nd on the day.

Mike's consistency landed him in 2nd overall in the Mountain States Cup Pro points race, and the junior squad took home the 2nd place overall team ranking as well. Well done, guys!

Vital has a cool slideshow from the event:
and a video, too!

2011 Sol Survivor Race Video - More Mountain Bike Videos

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Matej Charvat// Autumn 2011 Vid

Season whether we like it or not unstoppably ends and that's why we took one last chance to ride in warm and dry conditions. While this edit of Matej was made on popular "Freeride" track in Spinleruv Mlyn. Video should also express a big thanks to all, who supported Matej in 2011. "I would like to say thanks to all my sponsors, who helped me in 2011 season. Just as I would like to thank to all the fans, who cheered for me along the track during the season and also to all the people who simply like what am I doing. Cheers!"

Matej Charvat// Autumn 2011 on

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cruising Fuzzy Bunny Trail on Teton Pas

Jess Pedersen riding the Fuzzy Bunny trail on Teton Pass during some mid-season downtime. Jess races for the Team Geronimo/Banshee Bikes factory team. -

Cruising Fuzzy Bunny Trail on Teton Pass - More Mountain Bike Videos

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Season Episode 2.4

Check out this episode of the Season 2, it follows myself and my close friend Jeremy Norris as we look for (sorry to be cliche) an 'epic zone' to build some lines in. We found that zone nestled above Britannia Beach in the remains of a recent forest fire, the view of Howe Sound is what grabbed us initially, but the potential for new Big Mountain lines is what continues to bring us back up there. That and Mountain Women in Britannia makes delicious Burgers and Poutine.

The Season Episode 2.4 from Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith on Vimeo.

Dice Dice 2!

Alan Hepburn represents in this epic game of Bike Dice!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Danish Domination!

The last round of the Danish DH cup took place this past weekend in the north of Jutland at a place called Rold forrest. This was the second time we were going to race at that venue. The track in it self is rather basic, with a lot of man made jumps and obstacles. The hole way down the track you are scrubing jumps, pumping holes and pedaling every were you can which is sick! The weather made the race quite interesting thus it had rained all week and the to weather prognoses said it would rain sunday as well.

Saturday practice

Since I had already wrapped up the overall title at the last round I came into the race with a mindset of having fun and putting down the best runs I could do. So I cracked on with practice which went really well on the damp track. I was still running the High Roller II´s which keeps getting better and better. Even though it is almost my home track since I live about 30 minutes drive away, I do not ride there that often. So I put in some good practice runs, with my dad who was attending to his first DH race.

Second race run

After a little delay the race began in the quite sunny weather in contrast to the bad weather they had forecasted. Run no. 1 went okay, I hit all of my lines but i had a little mechanical which cost me some time. Nevertheless I came down with a 3.5 second lead. After the first run we had the obligatory one hour practice on the second track. The 2 run went good i had a solid run with minor mistakes coming down about 1 second faster that second place, which gave me the 6th win out of 6 race in the Danish DH cup this year.

6th round podium
Mathis Lystbæk - Mike Thisted - Sebastian Jensen - Rasmus Reding - Rasmus Jensen

Overall it was a good weekend with good racing and a good season ender. Personally I still have one more race, which is the final round of the German iXS cup which takes place the 24.-25. this month in Thale.

Overall Podium :)

A big thank you goes out to Stefan Hovaldt for taking all of the pictures.

- Sebastian Jensen

Friday, September 16, 2011

OneHitWonder / Filthy Ape

This is one of my favourite features in the Whistler Bike Park. It's not difficult at all it looks rather intimidating at first. Just remember to lean back and enjoy the view up there!

-Moritz Zimmermann

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ben Power - One to Watch!

Ben Power rode for Banshee Australia for a few years in our junior development program. This summer he was offered a higher level of support than our small company could offer, and although we will miss him riding Banshee, we are very happy to see him picking up a big sponsor that can offer him a lot of support. Keep an eye on this guy for the future... he's FAST!

Ben Power's 2011 Bio from Ty Bowmaker | Captyvate Media on Vimeo.

Get stoked: Forrest Riesco

Hey,Just finished up a quick little edit I did with a local friend/filmer Jazz Chodak. It gives you a little taste of my style, and the riding here on the Sunshine Coast. Jazz and I were so stoked on how it turned out and what we had created that we thought a fitting name should be “Get stoked”.You can check it out on Pinkbike and please let me know your thoughts on it, enjoy.Again thanks to all the people that have helped me out this season and made it a great one.Thanks,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First episode of the Season 2

Here is the first episode of the Season 2 I have been working on with Reel Water productions. It gives a different perspective then the traditional edits I normally make with Art Barn Productions. This episode highlights the amount of work needed to create a line, what I look for when in the terrain before building as well as some perspective on why Squamish B.C. may be one of the best towns in B.C. for bicycle riding.
Check it out!

The Season 2 Episode 2.2 from Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith on Vimeo.

Dreck Attack 2011

Hi !

Last weekend the third year, the Dreck Attack Jam took place @ H2O trails in Germany.
Rider from across germany and some other countries found the way to and just wanted to have fun @ the sunny and relaxed Seeheim.

Photo credit to brotherDPhoto

The trails were reshaped for this years event. The pro line was completely new & much bigger built up, so that some riders had very respect for the first double.

I did some high Barrel rolls, 360's nose dive, decades, double whips and finished up 8 place from 50 riders.

Dreck Attack's legendary Aftershowparty .... :-)

Here's a cool video from the jam. Enjoy.

DaPone Dreck Attack III - 2011 from DaPone Productions, A. Hechler on Vimeo.

I ride first, from 0.25 to 0.35

AMP forever.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Season Wrap Up


This season has been amazing, not necessarily my results, but more so how much I've learned and how much fun I have had traveling across Canada racing the new tracks and being with some of the most fun and interesting people. From the coaches to team mates to people from the other side of Canada that are just as stoked as I am to ride.

I just recently added to my learning experience this season at Hemlock Mountain for the BC Cup finals. I decided that this off season I want to step it up a level, I don't want to sit around waiting for some magical thing to make me faster, so to do this I've got to take chances and push myself. And that's just what I did last weekend at my final race. I was riding great Saturday, pushing myself and getting loose, the track was wide open and was very fast. Sunday I was having a great race run and hanging it out. Halfway through though my back wheel got caught in a rut when I attempted an outside line and I ended up upside down tangled in my bike with a mouth full of dust. I jumped back up as quick as I could and continued on to finish with my brake lever bent up and my seat crooked. I finished fourth in Junior, 12th in Pro and 9 seconds off the fastest time of the day. My result wasn't what I was hoping but that's the consequences sometimes of taking chances and pushing myself. One of the Cycling BC coaches said I was one of the two fastest riders through the rock drop and I am confident that if I apply what I've learned this season than I will be able to ride that pace and faster consistently next season.

I finished off the BC Cup series in 3rd overall and placed 4th overall in the Canada Cup series. As you have probably guessed I was not selected for the World Championships team, missing it by one spot. It was an arguable decision by the CCA as I placed higher in Canada Cup points over the fourth picked junior from Newfoundland, but he did place higher than me at National Championships. A lot of people heard and thought that I was going and even just last week one of the Cycling BC team coaches sent an email to the CCA asking them to reconsider there decision as he believed I had progressed so much this year that I should be going.

Thanks so much to the people/companies that have made this season my best yet; First of all I'd like to thank Nancy Riesco Interior Design Inc. and Vancor Capital Ltd. for their financial support for my flights this season. Cycling BC, without them I wouldn't have been able to make the jump from the provincial level to the national level with all their support providing accomadation, coaching and on ground transportation for the entire National Series. Steven's Pools for their very generous financial support. Banshee BIkes for setting me up with the Legend MK2 race machine. POC helmets and armour for keeping me safe and looking good. Spank Industries for their support and Mike for keeping my bikes spinning on Spank rims. Race Face for their continuing support of me and providing me with the best components around. X-Fusion shocks for their very tuneable suspension and Suspensionwerx for keeping my suspension running smoothly. Kuat racks for their incredibly useful racks. NRG enterprises for supplying me with all my Maxxis rubber and Hope products. I'd also like to thank North Shore Billet, Five-Ten, Leatt Brace, Tyler at Twenty6 products, Gamut USA and SDG saddles. And last but not least my very supportive family that helps me reach for and achieve my goals.

I am looking forward to training hard this off season and having fun riding my bike. This off season and next race season I will be stepping it up and jumping to that next level and become closer to my goals of being an international rider and travel the world.

Thanks to everyone for making this a great season.


Thanks to all the people/companies for supporting me for the 2011 race season.

Banshee bikes.
POC helmets and armour.
Vancor Capital Ltd.
Nancy Riesco Interior Design Inc.
Cycling BC
Spank industries.
Race Face components
X-Fusion shocks
Kuat racks
North Shore billet
Leatt Brace
Twenty6 products
NRG enterprises
Gamut USA
SDG saddles

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cole Swanson - A video by Adam Yunker

Adam sent me over this video link of a recent filming project he did with Cole Swanson a sponsored ride of one of our best dealers, North Shore Bike Shop, riding his Banshee Amp. Check it out!

A Day at Vanier Park with Cole Swanson on