Friday, October 11, 2013

IXS EDC Maribor 2013 //Matej Charvat

It was back in 2010 - first round of a World cup, when I last time raced in Maribor. It was also my first ever World cup back in 2002, when I started as a fore-runner. Yeah, I always liked that place and I was really excited to come back and ride.

The track had some new features, grass drift turns, new jumps etc. I really appreciate the effort of the trail builders here in Maribor, as the track was prepared as it should be.

The hardest part of  racing here - vision issues. It was almost not possible to ride.

Training was so much fun for me. I enjoyed every part of the track, every turn, root, jump. The best track of the year for me, for sure. The weather wasn't the worst at the time of training and I hoped it's going to stay like that. The surface on the track was so nice. A lot of drifts, but still dry on some places with a good grip. I was really confident and I was looking forward to Sunday.

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The race day was a bit different, tho. It started raining at night and it never stopped. The track changed a lot, but I was still having fun. It just came to my mind, that I finished 42nd here last time on a WC with two crashes, haha.

I tried to push hard, but I simply felt, that I'm already a bit tired of the season and my two injuries which I had in last months. I wasn't able to push myself to the race-mode. I did a nice run, but it wasn't my race pace. I finished 15th, which is not what I wanted, but still not the worst. I'm really happy about my young team mate Stan, who finished 8th. Pretty nice to see that he learned something from me in last two years.
I'm already looking forward to 2014, we've got some nice venues on IXS calendar.
See you there guys and enjoy my short video edit:

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