Monday, July 22, 2013

Kip Shortreed - Race Update

After a few weeks off I had time to rest, ride lots do some filming with friends in Whistler that are working on a new video, it was time to race again.

Coming into Canada Cup and BC Cup #2 at Sun Peaks was a lot more nerve wracking then most other races for me as last year that was where my season ended after I crashed and lacerated my liver putting me out for 2 months. After walking the course with my teammate Forrest and seeing the new sections and few changes to the course, including changing up the section where I crashed I was ready and excited to ride. The course was one of the fastest I have raced with people hitting over 90km\h. I was feeling good during practice, scaring myself a bit with the speed of some sections but having a blast. My race run didn't go so great, I went off track in a turn near the top and lower down I burped my tire and had to ride carefully so I wouldn't loose my tire or slide out and ended up 32nd. I was stoked for Forrest who ended up taking the win with a competitive field. I its also worth mentioning that we walked the course with the winner of the pro women Micayla Gatto so it's probably safe to say that walking with me strongly influenced their wins ;-)

National Champs at Panorama was the next weekend I have raced there a few times before, this year a few improvements had been made to make the course more technical, faster and have more line choice. It took a couple runs to get my bike set up for how fast and technical it was and to get used to the dust and dirt, but once I felt better with that I was good to go. All was going well until just before seeding when the friend I was traveling with had a big crash and ended up having to go to the hospital, so for my seeding run I had to do my best to stay focused on my riding and have a clean run down. I seeded in the lower half of the pack but knowing I took it easy in seeding gave me confidence I could put down a good time in my race run. Race day, my friend had been let out of the hospital the night before and was ok other then cuts and bruises. With my mind clear from everything else I knew I could put down a good run and do better then I have been so far in the season. I went hard and managed to only have a couple minor mistakes that didn't feel like they cost me much, I felt I could have been faster but a clean run is great to have. I ended up 17th which is one of my best results of the season and I am hoping to keep improving as the season goes on.

Kip Shortreed

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