Monday, June 24, 2013

Team Geronimo at Trestle Gravity Series #1

This year Team Geronimo is proud to announce that we are partnering with Trestle Bike Park and will be attending all series races. This past weekend a the full roster of junior riders, Michael and myself descended upon the dusty, dry trails of Trestle Mountain Bike Park at Winter Park Mountain to compete in series race weekend #1. This place has always been good to Team Geronimo with multiple victories and podium appearances from past Crankworx, Mountain States Cup and Colorado Freeride Festival series races, so its always a pleasure coming back to this mountain. This race series provides riders with great bang for your buck as we race both Saturday and Sunday on separate tracks while still getting ample ride time on the mountains other awesome trails. Saturdays race featured an Air DH inspired run down an A Line style track called Rainmaker and Sundays track was held on the traditional Trestle DH course. All members of TG are very familiar with these tracks and were confident going into the weekend.

Saturday - Rainmaker

In past years this race has always been one of the most physically demanding tracks I've ever raced due to its nature. Its chalked full of jumps and bermed turns, but in-between its a flat out sprint, and with the extremely dry, dusty conditions and a bit of a headwind, it may have been the toughest one yet! The Pro men started first and Michael was first to drop and from my vantage point from the start he was on a mission putting some serious power down on his flat pedals. Lately he has been putting in 100+ mile work weeks coaching for Single Track Mountain Bike Adventures out of Boulder, and riding with some of the best up and coming riders in Colorado, and its showing as he came down finishing with a solid 4th place, only .6 off of 3rd place and a podium. I've had some great results here in the past including winning the Air DH last year at the Colorado Freeride Festival, so I was confident coming into this race, even if it was blind. Due to some managerial duties I was delayed and didn't get an inspection run and found myself on the starting line trying to remember the track for past years. With what seemed like a strong headwind and endless peddling, but few mistakes and I managed to take home the victory and my 2nd one in a row on this track. Michael and I both were rocking our Banshee Rune's which were the perfect weapon of choice. The Juniors where next on course digging deep as they were riding their Banshee Legends which may have been slightly too much bike for the course, but it was extremely valuable experience on the bike and they had fun getting one heck of a workout. Roy Benge ended up 5th, just off podium pace and Tanner made a few mistakes finishing 8th on the day. Team Geronimo's newest team member Dylan Gressett, who the weekend before took the win in Steamboat, fallowed up his previous weeks performance with a 2nd place on the day in the 14 and under category while shredding his Banshee Rune. Tyler Spence opted to sit this one out as he was battling a bug, but would make some noise come Sundays race on the Trestle DH. 

Sunday - Trestle DH

This track has been used and abused over the years during many different events including national UCI sanctioned downhill's, collegiate races and endures and offers riders a good variety of terrain. The aforementioned dusty and dry conditions added to the difficulty of the track as turns were getting blown to pieces and the overall condition more ruff by the rider as it deteriorated making for some great racing. Michael and I decided to utilize this race 4 plus minute affair as an opportunity to train for the World Series Enduro Series that will be taking place on this track later this year by riding our Rune's equipped with 160mm of travel. Not really sure how this was going to turn out I rolled up to the starting line, first rider of the day and was looking to start the day off right. I rode a very clean run only pushing it in a spot or two and was very happy with the outcome. I watched as only one rider was able to best my time and ended up 2nd place overall on the day and very stoked on how everything worked out with the bike. Michael found himself on the right side of the bubble this time 4 seconds off my time but on the box mere tenths in front of the 4th place rider. He wasn't extremely pleased with his run, but was very happy with the result and how his bike performed. Tyler Spence put on possibly the run of his young career placing 2nd in the Junior 15-18 category as a 15 year old and younger brother of the two Spence brothers, making for some good friendly competition between the two brothers. Tanner made some mistakes but had a fun run good enough for 7th just in front of teammate Roy Benge who unfortunately caught his 30 second man and had to make a pass, but not after being held up in traffic for long enough to be outside of contention for a podium finish in 8th overall. Dyland Gressett was the final TG rider off and to his credit made it down the hill after getting sick, literally at the starting line. He had been fighting a bug all week but was so determined to race that he pushed through and impressed all of us with a 7th place result while also sustaining a mechanical. 

It was a great weekend up at Winter Park shredding Trestle Mountain Bike Park as the sun was shining all weekend and the trails were prime. Michael and I rebounded from a tough last weekend and the Juniors continue to gain valuable starts while prepping for National Championships in Angel Fire later this year. Team Geronimo would like to thank Banshee Bikes for rocket fast steeds, POC for keeping our bodies mint, Kelty for putting a roof over our heads, Shimano for moving us forward at an incredible rate of speed, Stan's No Tubes for the peace of mind and no snakebites and the many others who help support Team Geronimo. This coming weekend we will be taking ourselves to a place held forever in Mountain Biking lore and where this two wheeled business was started, Crested Butte for the 2nd stop of the Big Mountain Enduro Series and we look forward to flying our flags and representing to the best of our abilities. 

Buell's beaten by man in terrible shorts

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