Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Matej Charvat at the Val di Sole World Cup DH


My first really big race of the year took place in Val di Sole and yeah, it was a World cup.
The track was wild and crazy again, but luckily I didn't have any bad falls during practice. I managed to qualify in 50th spot, was in 17th place at first split and had a section to improve on in the second half of the course... that gave me a good feeling.

I started pretty confidently in my final run, trying to save some energy in the upper half of the track so I could shave some time at the bottom. Unfortunately, I started to have some problems with my rear brake about half way down. I was loosing pressure and I had to pump the lever a few times before each turn to be able to slow down! It was a bit scary and I had to back off to finish the run without a crash.

I finished in 65th place, which is not what I wanted, but I will do my best to improve next time!

I'm in Livigno right now doing some training and I'm moving to Leogang tomorrow for the first round of IXS European Cup.

Thanks for your support!

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