Thursday, June 13, 2013

Banshee/Trident Rider Kip Shortreed Race Update

A couple weeks before the first race of the Oregon Enduro Series and North America Enduro Tour a friend that was planning on going asked if I wanted to join him. I figured it would be a fun thing to do so I went along. The format was a lot different than the DH races that I'm used to with only having one practice lap on the trails that I was racing the next day. After day one of racing I realized I didn't quite have the level of fitness needed for Enduro racing. Most of the stages had a huge amount of pedaling and I was not ready for it at all. At the end of the weekend I ended up 46th which I wasn't too happy about. I won't be able to get to any more Enduro races this year but next year I plan to go again and this time I will be ready for it!

Next up was the first BC cup of the season, the infamous Kamloops 'Race the Ranch'. I have raced there multiple times and the course hasn't changed much over the years so I mostly knew what to expect - some little jumps, lots of pedaling and a steep bit. In practice I was having way more fun than I thought I would but once the race came around I remembered the pain that track brings! I finished 15th which was mid-pack, I was hoping to do better but I still have the rest of the season to step it up.

Next race for me will be the BC Cup DH at Sun Peaks. Last year I had a big crash there that put me in hospital for four days and off the bike for two months! Now I need to conquer that course the way I know I can!

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