Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fresh Perspective

Fed up of the commercial front that often comes with reading mountain biking stories and product reviews? Then here is a new blog set up and run by riders purely for the sake of sharing their experiences, and love of the sport.

Check out themountainbikelife.com.

Here is what they have to say about their new blog.

Riders across North America share their love of
The Mountain Bike Life

A new blog is joining the blogosphere today with authors committed to sharing their love of The Mountain Bike life. More than just bike chat, this growing community will provide all original content on the many ways that mountain biking informs their lives - real cyclists posting stories of their lives.

The blogger and avid bike rider behind TheMountainBikeLife.com, Rivers Mitchell from Victoria, BC, created the site as a co-operative place for riders of all abilities and backgrounds to share their passion for mountain biking. Current authors hail from across North America and include one woman, and range from high school and university students to riders who have been in the mountain biking scene for more than 25 years, all bringing their own unique style and perspective to the blog.

Product and ride reviews are the foundations of all bike sites, but TMTBL will delve deeper, bringing the life to mountain biking. Author Shannon Whissell says “if you love a mountain biker, you learn to love the mountain bike life. One day you’re at yoga class, and the next thing you know you’re rolling down hill at at your local trails or turning your beach vacation into a trip to a bike park. As a new rider, I’ve been amazed to see how much more than a hobby this sport is.” This new site will focus on  original content, honest product reviews, lifestyle and opinion pieces, enticing video and vivid photos.

We look forward to sharing The Mountain Bike Life with you and hope to see you out on the trails.

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Rivers Mitchell said...

Thanks for the post Keith, you rock!