Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vienna Air king

Swedish Banshee rider Alexander Bäckvall scooped himeslf a invitation for the 2012 Vienna Air King.
Besides a handfull of pre-qualified pros, entry is open to anyone who´s bio + latest video edit appeals to the judges stokemeter, Al´s did.

"Vienna Air King was a huge experience for me, it was my first really big and international comp. When I first got there I was actually a bit relieved. I had seen many pic's of the course and they made me a little scared beacuse the jumps looked soooooooo big! But when I got there and saw the jumps with my own eyes I felt calm again. They where big. but not THAT BIG! 

“The pre-qualies got cancelled on friday because of the rain, so on friday we all chilled in the riderslodge. played football game and drank redbull while talking a lot of shit! Saturday became the big day! We had a very limited training but atleast I managed to get four training runs before the qualies.

At the qualies it was really windy and a lot of riders crashed. On my first run I got a strong headwind and cased a flip on the first big jump so I wasn't able to complete the jump. On my second run I descided to play it safe. So I just straight jumped the first jump, did a unturndown on the second and a tailwhip on the last jump. 

"I ended up at 17th place in the qualies and didn't make the finals! But Vienna Air King was a awesome experience and now I know what to train on. I made a lot of new friends and the afterparty was frickin crazy!

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