Monday, November 14, 2011

Retallack Roadtrip:

This summer found me spending alot of time in the Kootneys, more specifically at Riley Mcintosh's new mountain bike endeavor...Retallack Mountain Biking. Most people are familiar with Retallack Cat Skiing, but this summer Riley and local Kootney shredder Kris Mechmechan started construction on B.C.'s first back country mountain bike park. Armed with several large-barred chainsaws and 'Tenure' from the B.C. government, the boys headed into the hills and went for it.

Near the end of the summer, Taylor Loughran of Art Barn Film and I brought several of our friends from the coast out to the lodge to film an edit and explore the terrain. Joining us for the riding was, Paul Stevens and Mason Mashon from team NSMB, Peter Matthews, a Whistler Bike Park loc-dawg, while our friend Mathiue Prevall ran second camera. We shot this in two long and action packed enjoy

Retallack Roadtrip from Taylor Loughran on Vimeo.


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