Saturday, October 1, 2011

Always in Style Tight Jeans, Tight Bikes.

Anyone who already owns one of the new Banshee Amp's knows how tight this little machine feels! This summer I was so relieved to build it up 2 days prior to the dual slalom event at CrankWorx. It felt so good the moment I got on it as I cat-walked out of my garage down the road and straight to the village to get some practice in on the fresh dual slalom course. I've never felt so cozy on a bike I've never ridden before which was ideal since the course was gnarly, but super fun, fast and flowy.
Since my initiation at the dual I've been hitting everything in my home town (Whistler), the Airdome, the dirt jumps, the local pump tracks, or crusing over to the beach you name it. One more think I should mention is how cool it was to have the frame arrive raw with no colour or stickers, they leave the creativity up to you with the included sticker package. Versatility of design and function!

This frame with definatly live up to its name~

Lets ride,
Adison MacDonald.


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