Friday, August 12, 2011

Nokia Irish Downhill Championships

The Nokia Irish National Downhill Championships were held a few weeks back in Carrick, Co Wicklow. Luckily for Ireland in the summer, the track was super dry and the weekend wasn't spoiled by any rain. Over 240 riders entered and there was a huge amount of spectators on the day ringing cowbells, blowing vuvuzela's and shouting at us going down the track. EpicDH and Flow Racing put on the event which was run super smoothly.

The track had a deadly steep rock section at the start which caused problems for many riders, with lots of punctures and offs during practice.

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I had a great ride on my little Banshee Legend and other than a near off at the end jump, and overtaking another competitor on the way down, had a clean run. The bike is great for smaller riders (I am 4' 11") and I was delighted to come first in the women's category.

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Here is a video of the race:

The 2011 Irish DH National Championships on


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