Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Custom Grease Gun Adaptors

For an extra easy way to grease the pivots on the Rune, Spitfire, Rampant, and Pyre MkII.

This adapter is designed to be hand thread into the pivots, with the grub screw removed of course, and accept a standard lock on style grease gun.

There's no mess or waste and the total seal makes pushing out the old grease very easy. The adapter is made from stainless steel to prevent any rust or corrosion.

If you neglect greasing your pivots because of the work it involves, try this adapter and you'll see just how fast and easy the job becomes.

Prices: all prices are in US dollars
$24 shipped in the US
$25 shipped to Canada
$26 shipped international

Additional units are $20 each up to a quantity of 4. Contact me with quotes on more than 4 units.

Paypal address is

Contact me with any question at




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