Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whistler Viewing

So since I'm currently in whistler, and have a GoPro... I figured it might be a cool idea to do some filming of runs as I cruise (I ain't no racer!) down them. So I'm starting off as many people start their days here by going down Crank It Up.

Keith riding Crank It Up on

I'm here for a few more weeks, so if you want me to film any particular trail just let me know in the comments section and I'll do my best. Garbanzo is still under snow mainly, so for now if you can keep it to lower mountain trail requests that would be great.

Happy trail viewing, wish you could all be here to ride them with me.



wheeliemert said...

Ya gotta do Clown Shoes! It's one of my fav's up there and it hardly gets showtime!
Greensboro NC

Unknown said...

Nice riding Keith, good job with that! You had my wife dancing in the background. Wish I was there, I have buddies up there this weekend from Oregon as we speak, while I couch surf, nursing a knee injury instead. I don't know all the trails there, but how about a request for "Ninja Cougar" or anything that is fast, techy and tight.
Portland, OR

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Anonymous said...

Hey Keith, nice vid man, but not my kind fo trail. Not sure if I got it right but have seen bits and pieces from a few trails I'd like to see more of, not even sure if they're Whistler trails, but know they're on the Shore somewhere. First is "Schleyer", not sure if that's spelled correctly, second is "Crack Addict" and third is "Fade to Black". Think FTB would be quite a bit outside my skill level.

thanks Lynx

Keith Scott said...

OK, I'll add them to my to do list. being crankworx week I haven't had time to ride much, plus half the trails have been shut for races, but next week I'll try and get up there and films some stuff... clown shoes does require the rain to stop tho...

I think I got a run of schleyer the other day, although was a bad run. I'll try and get a good one, but have this one as a back up.