Monday, July 25, 2011

Banshee AMOK Downhill Race 2011

Every year on Keith Scott's birthday, the Banshee fanboys here in Malaysia run amok.
This year's Banshee AMOK (Absolute Madness Of Kiara) Downhill race was held at the Kiara downhill track- the same track as our last Banshee KIARA RAGE 2010 race.

The race marks the final round of our local 2011 Malaysian DH Super Series.

We had close to 90 eager racers from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, NZ and Australia racing this year.

Our Fakawi Banshee Team had a pretty good race season, with our rider Adam winning the overall series winner (on points) in this race.

Big shout out to Banshee Bikes for sponsoring the prizes in our little AMOK race!
Enjoy the video and pictures!
Race website: BANSHEE AMOK

Banshee AMOK Downhill Race 2011 from Fakawi | Banshee on Vimeo.


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