Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mythic Rune in Shortlist magazine

Shortlist is the UK's leading men's magazine with average weekly circulation of 510,000 copies per issue

I wrote a piece for their "Expert Shortlist" section on All-Mountain Bikes, after being asked to recommend bikes to suit 4 different price points between £1500 and £3500

The Mythic Rune is shown with our entry level build (GBP £2379.99) which includes a Shimano Deore groupset, Avid Elixir R brakes, Hope Pro II hubs / Mavic rims, Rockshox Lyric fork and mix of Easton and DMR finishing kit


Rob C
Mythic Bikes


Sneeck said...

The deore groupeset pulls it down sooo hard compared to the rest. It's a shame I think, you would at the very least expect xt.

Nice article though.

rob c said...

you are not going to get XT at that pricepoint on what is effectively a "custom build"...always 1/3rd more than an "off the shelf" production bike like the Devinci in the same article

its only the crankset (Hollowtech II), shifters, derailleurs and chain that are Shimano Deore - the brakes are Avid and its got decent wheels, fork and shock

the Deore transmission is actually pretty damn solid and a good performer (transmission always wear out in the mud..), it would be the Deore brakes and Deore hubs that would be the let down and you are getting Avid Elixir Rs and Hope Pro IIs so no problems there ;)

Anonymous said...
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Keith Scott said...

spammers suck! yeah thats ride... I said it!

Nice work Rob, I'll try and pick up a copy tomorrow.

Sneeck said...

Rob I was comparing the other items such as lyric and hope pro 2 hub's, those are pretty much considerd high-end on a entry level build. It's also the name, deore is just nothing special. Yes it works but thats about it, nothing special.

On the other hand you got to make sacrifices in order to spend more on other item's, so what counts is spot on.

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