Monday, August 24, 2009

Mythic Rune wins MBR test with 9/10

We've just had the great news that the Mythic Rune we put up against a Morewood in Mountain Bike Rider (MBR) magazine here in the UK won the test with a healthy 9/10

I have not seen the magazine yet as only subscribers have a copy (and the Freeborn Horsham guys) but should get a copy from the newstands next week

I did meet the guy who tested the Rune for MBR at my local skatepark last weekend, and he was raving about the bike, so I'd imagine the test is full of praise!

I do know they installed the K-9 1.5" angle cups which apparently slacked the head angle to 65 degrees for the MegaAvalanche race...

more info coming soon, with some scans from the mag


Rob c


Norbert said...

Are the k9 cups the crazy expensive ones? Still that is what I love about 1.5''. You can always get an angle reducer and have the geo your way.

Congrats on the test

Fakawi said...