Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year Everybody

I spent mine on a plane to the factory.
I'm here now and checked out the tallest building in the world yesterday. I'll get something up tomorrow and lots of pictures.



Bansheefrench said...

Happy new year Jay !!

I hope you gonna comeback with your hand full off stuff
enjoy the weather!

Keith Scott said...

Yeah, happy new year everyone!

I hope that 2008 brings happy times with some great adventures!

nick said...

Happy '08 even from Italy, from me and from all Free Bike staff!

This year, personally, I hope to meet Jay and Keith at World Championship Event in Val di Sole...

I even guess I'll get finally my Rune... and... then... we'll see!

Cheers and enjoy your 2008!!

Wichmann said...

Yep Happy New Year Jay and everyone at Banshee, from 222Cycles in Denmark. Just got our bikes...and they are....GREAT. Can't wait till I get them all put together!!


Claus W.