Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kens Rune off to AMB

Ken from XXIV finished up the build and she's a real beut.

Now its off to AMB magazine in Australia for a major test and it looks like it will be tested in a head to head shoot out with the Santa Cruz Nomad and the Intense 6.6. That's definitely going against some of the heavy weights in the industry. We'll have to see how the review turns out but I'm very confident. Unfortunately the review won't be coming out until March.

I'll update on the weight but I know Ken didn't go with tubeless and the rubber is wire bead. With the Funn DH cranks on there initially, and a few other things that are more suited to Freeride and DH, the Rune was coming in at what he said was 16.1 kg or 35.4 lbs. With the changes he made I expect it to be 32 -33 something and its been built right now for descents. I figure a normal range for this bike in an All Mountain set up will hover around the 30-32 mark.


Anonymous said...

Can not wait til I get my own. Did anyone read the test from Germany, I do not know the magasines name. But several on our club board says that the magasine is realy tough on our Rune??

Claus 222

Jay MacNeil said...

i heard that the Nomad also didn't fair to well under the same magazine.
Apparantly all Virtual pivot bikes they hate.
In the US, Canada, ... basically name a country the reviews tend to be glowing for these type of bikes.
I've heard the German magazines usually have their minds made up before they even ride the bike and you need to change their minds.
I haven't read it but my understanding was everything was good but it pedalled like a Virtual pivot bike which they don't like for any of this type of bike regardless of manufacturer.
I'd like to know what they consider an awesome bike.
One last thing about reviews is how can a bike get say 5/5 but then the next year only get 3/5 and only the paints changed.
Want to read good reviews... check out Too bad he's only going to be doing DH type stuff.

Fakawi said...

Rune vs Nomad.. This will be one heck of a shootout!
I'll be watching out for the AMB in the newsstand next year!

Jay MacNeil said...

dont forget the 6.6 too

booner said...

I hope to switch my Turner RFX up for one (rune) as soon as other things calm down a little.
That should be a fun shoot out on a smaller scale :)
God that Rune has me drooling...absolute beauty! I have been dreaming of a smooth, stiff VPP type bike without bearings for quite some time.


Psycho Mike said...

Three of the bikes (Rune, Nomad and 6.6) I've had on my short list in one shootout...Egad!! The time can't go by fast enough for this review to get out!

Also, do wwe have any feedback yet on how the DHX air's have been doing with Clyde riders? I know it is a common complaint on the Nomads and 6.6's that the DHX air blows through the mid-stroke like nothing with a larger rider on the saddle. An inquiring mind wants to know ;) On the same line Jay, what spring rate will come standard on the DHX coil Runes and can we order them from the factory with different springs?

Cheers :)

Hack On Wheels said...

Mike, I don't have personal experience with it, but based on what I have heard I would recommend that you consider trying an Evolver on the Rune if you want air. There is some information on it on mtbr and word is that it provides more mid-stroke support than other air shocks. I believe the specific thread I have in mind actually was with it on a Nomad, I'd recommend searching for that.

Psycho Mike said...

Hmmm...Evolver or DHX Coil....decisions, decisions ;)

Let's see what amb has to say about the DHX air in the test and we'll go from there :)

Keith Scott said...

Psycho Mike... let me just add my thoughts to your comment...

Using an large volume air shock like evolver or DHX air will result in a Rune that is lighter and will pedal more efficiently

however using a coil shock of equal calliber will result in a much more plush ride.

so if you like all day riding then probably go for air. If you like aggressive trail riding, and light freeriding then perhaps a coil would be better for you!

Psycho Mike said...

Considering where my riding is going and my size, I'll likely be going coil. I've discovered the fun of stairs and stoppies and other such tricks that can also be used on the trail.

Besides, if I'm thinking of sticking a Wotan on the front, I may as well go coil in the back and suck up the extra weight to gain the benefits of being bombproof.

You offering different spring rates from the factory Jay, of will I need to order it from the LBS?

Psycho Mike said...

oops...sorry about that Keith! Jay's name from some of the earlier posts had stuck in my head :d'oh:

Keith Scott said...

I think we will be doing it so that your deeler / distributor sorts out spirng weights etc, as it will be easier for them to do it, and will mean you get it faster.

all I can suggest for setting up the Rune with coild shock, is that you use full bottom out resistance, then it should work fine and feel bottomless with the correct spring weight!

perttime said...

I just spotted the German Rune test on the supermarket news stand (

At a glance, I got the impression that they liked the handling very much but kept bottoming out the rear, with a 70kg rider. They liked the small bump and mid range action but did not manage to tune the shock progressive enough to handle the bigger hits.

Keith Scott said...

Thanks for bringing the review to my attention perttime, that seems a bit odd to me as nobody else seems to have a had a problem with it bottoming out easily when properly set up... I wonder what shock and sag they were running?

we have had much bigger guys riding it on the shore and in garbonzo at whistler, and they seemed to find the travel 'bottomless'.

perttime said...

I took another look at that German Freeride magazine.
- The bike had a DHX 5 Air.
- They said they put "full" pressure in piggyback and turned bottom out resistance all the way up.
- They did not give sag information.
- There was a big pic of the Rune carving a turn with the rear pretty low, but that is not really an indication and the text said the bike did that very well.
- They mentioned pedal kickback especially in granny ring.
- Any major upsets seemed to make the rear twitchy.
(disclaimer: this is with my pretty shaky German)

Keith Scott said...

Thanks perttime,

It strikes me that they were probably running it with too much sga by the sounds of it, as nobody else has complained about these problems.

Oh well, lets wait for more reviews and see what they say!