Thursday, December 13, 2007

Alans new Wildcard

Finally Alan Hepburn just got his new Wildcard. I like to do something for the factory guys and Alan's got Grant Allen painting him a Troy Lee Carbon in a similar color and paint scheme. Kinda like how Chris's helmet was white and black we did his Wildcard to match his helmet.
I think it turned out pretty great. I told Alan to send me some pics of him building it up... and then the final bike finished.


Anonymous said...

what size is his frame?

Anonymous said...

size is a medium- im 5'10" and its perfect. got it all built up now and it feels so good, very light and takes the fun of riding to a whole new level, love it.

Anonymous said...

Well, have anyone ridden S 14,5' size? I'm riding bmx for 9 years now and I don't want too big frame for trails/freeride, but probably I'd take M too if you say its perfect... Im 6'1"